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We enable organizations to enhance employee experience through understanding employee everyday moments of truth

Who we are

We are a HR Analytics company focusing on helping organizations to provide a great experience to their employees. We do this by providing an integrated platform for organization-employee communication.

We have deep expertise in analytics and more specifically in HR Analytics. This helps us to provide solutions that can help organizations to gain actionable insights from their employee data.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be an end-to-end employee experience solutions provider. We understand that this starts with 360 degree employee feedback including anonymous organizational feedback and continuous employee performance appraisals.

In addition, we would like to integrate other solutions for wellness, training and development, peer to peer recognition and HR interventions to make an integrated platform that serves the needs of organizations.

n!Gage - Continous, Anonymous, 360 degree employee feedback platform.

Here are some organizations that have benefited from continuous employee feedback

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