How to Engage Employees – A Complete Guide for Managers

Given how important employee engagement is and my own abiding interest in the same, I keep my eyes peeled for articles that really spell out what employee engagement stands for and how to understand it in an organizational context. Here is a wonderful article that caught my eye. It starts off by defining employee engagement and its importance, identifying characteristics of engaged employees, understanding how to measure employee engagement and finally rounding it off with strategies that managers can use to engage employees.


One of the key factors to running a successful business is knowing how to engage employees. If the leaders of a business or organization understand the level of passion their workforce has for the job, they are a step ahead of the competition.

As a manager, you want your employees to have pride in what they do and in the company they work for. Those who work with purpose put forth their best efforts; a practice that can only benefit the goal of your organization. It’s important to look at every aspect of why people do the work they do and what drives them to do it.

If you are operating in a managerial position, getting to know your employees will be a key part to a successful evaluation of how engaged your staff is. From their backgrounds to their hobbies, skill sets, family life, all the aspects of your employees will end up becoming part of your workplace environment. Arming yourself with the knowledge on how to blend that into a productive, positive environment is an important skill to have as a manager.

Ask yourself, just how much do my employees genuinely care what happens to the company’s future? Are they dedicated to helping it expand and be successful? If you aren’t sure of the answers yet, it’s okay. There are ways to determine the level of employee engagement among your staff, as well as learn how to engage employees.

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