Continuous and anonymous organizational feedback platform that allows you to Listen, Understand and Act on employee feedback. Real-time dashboards and insights, Intervention impacts, anonymous grouped conversations, action planning module and much more!

n!Gage℠ appication

Organizations are worried about customer experience at every customer touch point.

Customer Experience is dictated by the various customer touch points

Employees have way more touch points than customers across their life cycle in the organization.

Employee Touch points outnumber customer touch points.

Employee experience is even more critical in the future with

Employee Experience is critical to the talent economy

Employee engagement leads to competitive advantage. Gallup studies have shown that in the US alone, productivity losses from a disengaged workforce amounts to over $550 Billion every year. Organizations also understand that every 1% decrease in engagement can result in 

Every percent decrease in engagement can lead to significant downsides.

Current employee engagement systems are broken and siloed and do not allow organizations to 

Current Engagement systems are broken and siloed.

n!Gage℠ enables organizations with real-time actionable insights to drive high performance.

n!Gage℠provides real-time, actionable insights for managers.

n!Gage℠ has powerful big data analytics to help managers take proactive measures.

n!Gage℠ Analytics

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