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The Situation

Organizations are increasingly carrying out more activities online

Regular Meetings
Hiring Interviews
Online Courses

The Challenge

It brings with it unique communication challenges

Lack of iInstantaneous feedback
Lack of body language
Decreased visibility of facial emotions

The Solution

n!Visage provides individuals with real-time feedback during video calls

Real-time facial emotion detection

Identify emotions in real-time

Real-time Charts

Follow the progress of your session with our real-time charts

Screen Monitoring Mode

Monitor and extract emotions based on any screen

Webcam mode

See how the audience perceives you!

Save Sessions

Save your session data for viewing at a future date

Playback Sessions

Playback your sessions later to identify periods of engagement/disengagement

Track Scores

Track the efficacy of your session with a consolidated score


Compare Sessions

Compare the engagement scores across sessions

Privacy Guaranteed!

All session data stored locally

"Stunning in its simplicity"


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